PlatformOS by Distribyte

PlatformOS by Distribyte is a new cloud operating system, based on artificial intelligent engine that acts like as a distributed runtime, with integrated data services for running the most modern apps. The developer experience focuses on simplifying the entire process from development to operations.

It's the bomb.

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Distribyte runtime

Distribyte distributed runtime acts exactly the same as the runtime you developed on. The distributed manner makes your code fault tolerant, persistent, durable and distributed all fully managed without any technical boundaries.

Use the tools you love

As developers ourselves developer experience is our top priority. You can build your apps with the tools you love like Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven and Git.

Deploy Fast, Even Faster

Use a single click mechanism to run your service on the Distribyte Platform.

Scale a Persistent Service

A Distribyte service can contain millions of persistent entities and manage their state and history. Design business logic that allows users to utilize the service in a meaningful, long lasting ways.

Code Beyond Server Boundaries

Distribyte operating system creates an infinite cluster of compute that overlap together to create a huge, seamless server. A single, huge memory space that allows you to serve millions of users like if they were all on a single server.

Check out the samples

Each sample app includes unique features and UIs designed to demonstrate advanced capabilities that you can incorporate into your own services with source code available on GitHub.