Core Components

  • Scale up a single instance to global scale.
  • Includes unlimited data access to Memory/Storage
  • Industry leading SLA for a single instance.
  • Easy deploy with natural access to Shadow.
  • Architecture-free development experience.
  • Unlimited rewinds up to 24h back.
5 Million 100ms units free
0.0000002 USD per 100ms compute consumed
  • Unlimited size shared access memory.
  • In-memory access speeds.
  • Persistent and durable automatically.
  • Easy access to data. No-Api.
  • ODN distributes objects globally.
  • Export data to virtually any store.
50 GB/month free
0.10 USD GB/month
  • Globally distributed in multiple regions.
  • Load balancing and geo-balancing.
  • Seamless global presence.
5 Gb global transfer free
0.10 USD GB transfer